Our Work

Our Work

Examples of our Completed Projects

Montgomery Porch Raise & Coat       


Just finished filling void beneath porch as there was a 2 inch trip hazard at crack in center! 

Now that we have the porch leveled as it was when first poured 35 years earlier, can now secure crack with carbon fiber “stitch” to keep it bound together and then clean and coat with a colored concrete polymer for a very appealing finish!  

Gilberts Block Wall Foundation Repair


After extensive block wall straightening, leveling structure framing above, and installing exterior sump pump drainage and waterproofing that GUARANTEES a totally dry and sealed basement, crew filled the hollow block with our exclusive HIGH STRENGTH concrete slurry mix that actually exhibits strength and integrity of a poured concrete foundation.   All without the extensive cure time and disturbance of forms and able to utilize home during construction!  

Then the exterior soil was thoroughly compacted to support the weight of the NEW concrete porch pad and step along with new support columns and properly securing the existing porch roof.  Result is a landscaped and properly pitched backfill that will NOT recede like typical construction and offers homeowners a complete project that is AID right!  AID complete, and AID that lasts!  

Gilberts  Block Wall Repair


Returned severely bowed and cracked / compromised concrete block wall to totally straight, plumb and level condition.  Then filled hollow block with AID CONCRETE LEVELING exclusive high strength concrete slurry that offers equal integrity to that of a poured concrete block wall, in addition there are 3/8 inch rebar inserted inside the hollow block before injection for added strength.   

Here we also upgraded that old sewer drain connection to city with contemporary PVC and painted wall with moisture resistant concrete white sealer.    End result is a totally dry basement with a far stronger and secure concrete block wall that is guaranteed against future bowing from exterior soil expansion!

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